About Us

Game and Host is an expansion company that provides game servers, both private and public, and VoIP servers for gamers that reside within the United States and Canada.  Located in Erwin, Game and Host is the first company of its kind to choose North Carolina as its home.  Its parent company, Simple Web Solutions, Inc. is located in Erwin, NC.

Managed by its two founders, Ashley Faulkner and Adam Faulkner, Game and Host is projected to make a profit in its third year.  The mission of Game and Host is to provide services to gaming clients from all over the United States and Canada.  Our company policy is to ensure the best possible customer service and support and we will make every effort to keep this standard.  We know this kind of attitude is important because we know from personal experience what it is like to be a game server client and we wish to extend the same level of service to our clients that we would expect back from a company in our position.  Gamers started Game and Host this year with the idea of ensuring the best possible experience for our gaming clients.

Game and Host is the brainchild of Ashley and Adam Faulkner, who early in Adam’s sophomore year in College, realized that the gaming community was growing rapidly, not only on Western Carolina University’s campus, but everywhere else as well.  Later that year, Adam and Ashley founded the WCU Gaming Club, aimed at luring prospective students to WCU.  Three years later, Adam graduated with a Bachelor in Science, with his major in Computer Information Systems, Ashley graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration.  Shortly after graduation, Adam and Ashley started Simple Web Solutions.  With seven successful LAN events under his belt, he and Ashley tabled Game and Host and started Simple Web Solutions.  After building Simple Web Solutions for six years, he and Ashley were reminded of their first business inspiration, Game and Host, and decided that this was the year to try with the hopes of taping into a developing market, to aid his fellow gamers in their quest for ‘frags’.